Amgad Fadl


The profound value of forging deep and meaningful connections with tourists, businessmen, and company owners is a driving force within me. Embracing the potential for lasting impact, I am fueled by a sense of purpose that extends beyond personal ambitions.

In a world shaped by technology and interconnectedness, I am acutely aware of the significance of genuine human interactions. My endeavor is to move beyond superficial encounters and cultivate relationships grounded in trust, empathy, and shared understanding. By investing time and energy into nurturing these connections, I strive to create a network that fosters not only personal growth but also a spirit of collaboration and community.

Every interaction holds immense potential for growth, learning, and transformation. Through engaging with tourists, we have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, sharing the richness of cultures and expanding our global perspectives. Interacting with businessmen inspires us through stories of resilience, innovation, and triumph, igniting our own entrepreneurial spirits. And when we collaborate with company owners, a shared vision emerges—one that seeks to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change within our respective industries.



2021 - Currently

Saudi Friendship Organization

Tourism Organization

From the moment I joined Saudi Friendship, I was greeted with warmth and a sense of camaraderie. The team consisted of passionate individuals who were dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Al-Ahsa to visitors from all corners of the globe. Each day brought new opportunities to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and learn about their experiences and perspectives.

In addition to tourists, I also had the pleasure of hosting business people who were keen on exploring opportunities in Saudi Arabia. I facilitated connections between these individuals and local business owners, fostering collaborations and partnerships. I organized networking events and business forums where entrepreneurs and investors could come together, exchange ideas, and explore potential ventures. It was rewarding to witness the positive impact of these interactions. 

2015 - 2016

Fitness Trainer

Power Masters Gym - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a fitness trainer at Power Masters Gym was witnessing the progress and transformations of my clients. Seeing their bodies become stronger, more defined, and muscular was a testament to their hard work and dedication. It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of their journey and witness the positive impact that physical transformation had on their confidence and overall well-being.

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2015 - 2016

Russian language Certificate

Astrakhan state technical university - Russia

The personal attention and support I received from the university have nurtured my growth, and the certificate I obtained serves as a testament to my hard work and opens doors to exciting opportunities. My time at Astrakhan State Technical University has truly been life-changing, equipping me with the skills and confidence to navigate the Russian language and culture effectively.

2017 - 2018

Second Russian language Certificate

Krasnodar State Agrarian University - Russia

At this stage on my second year I developed my writing skills and engaging in public conversations in various fields

2021 - Currently

Bachelor Of Civil Engineering

Krasnodar State Agrarian University (KSAU) - Russia - Krasnodar


International Tourism And English Language Studies





Writing , Speaking



Writing , Speaking



Writing , Speaking



Deal Making , Negotiations


Body Language

Movements, voice



Web Designing


Diplomatic Skills




14 May 2022

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